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Terms of Use

A. General rules

1. The person who publishes an ad is fully responsible for the information given and for his behavior during the process and the transactions on Jura Synchro, under pain of cancellation of his ads and/or his account, or denunciation in serious cases.

2. Jura Synchro only offers a service of displaying of classified ads. The website does not personally put people in touch. Jura Synchro only displays the classified ad, the email address of the person posting an ad and his name or nickname.

3. Jura Synchro does not handle third-party transactions and does not check the veracity of the information posted in the "Classified Ads" section on the website. The website does not have at its disposal the objects or elements proposed in this sector.

4. Any announcement will be moderated, accepted or rejected before being published on Jura Synchro. Jura Synchro reserves the right to refuse, delete, cancel, move and/or remove without noticing, an ad that does not respect the rules of morality or that attempts fraud.

5. Jura Synchro may, at its discretion, at any time, and without warning, delete, rearrange, re-categorize ads, block or delete the account of members who do not comply with data protection or with the terms of use.

6. The ad will run for the planned number of days, as soon as the information is checked by Jura Synchro.

7. The classified ad will be published in the written languages and will not be translated. However, it is possible to write the description in several languages ​​during the creation of the ad.

B. Service to the user

1. As a classified ads user, you authorise Jura Synchro to post your name and email address on the website so that the other users can contact you if they are interested in the posted ad.

2. As a classified ads user, you certify that you have the exclusive rights to publish the photos you post, and that you assign these rights to Jura Synchro in order to make them available on the website.

3. As a classified ads user, you agree not to submit an ad for which the benefits would not go back to you or to the organization you represents.

C. Quality of ads

In order to offer to the users a service with consistent quality ads, the ads should meet the criteria below.

1. The title:
- must describe the product or service affected by the advertisement;
- can not be highlighted graphically using a series of characters or capital letters;
- should not be considered as a "teasing".

Examples of unauthorized titles:
- New skates !!!!!!!!!!!!! (highlighting graphically with successive exclamation points);
- New skates______________ (highlighting graphically with successive underlines);
- N e w S k a t e s (highlighting graphically with spaces between letters);
- NEW SKATES (highlighting graphically with capital letters);
- Click here to do business (enticing title and unrelated to the ad);

2. The ad:
- must correspond to the heading in which it is inserted and in its title;
- can not be highlighted graphically using a series of characters or capital letters (see example point C.1.)

3. The picture:
- must match the purpose of the ad and not be misleading by indicating another product. The images must not be confusing to the user and must represent as accurately as possible the object concerned by the advertisement.
- If the creator uses the image of someone else, he must have his permission for its distribution. For this reason, we advise you to use only your own photos.

D. Duration

1. Once the classified ad has been checked and once the broadcast has begun, it is not possible to cancel or remove an ad, unless Jura Synchro decides to remove it himself (see A.4. or A.5.). If the classified ad is removed for non-compliance with the terms of use, data protection or conditions for the advertiser, the creator of the ad will not be credited or refunded. In any case, Jura Synchro will proceed to a refund.

2. Jura Synchro can not be held responsible for a product or item that has not found a buyer or not interested in the classifieds section.

3. Even if the classified ad finds a buyer or interests the public before the end of the broadcast planned by the user, it can not be stopped. The number of days is due until the end.

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