"The whole family fell in love with synchro"

Thomas Hoover is a synchro Dad. He lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and he has four children, three involved in synchronized skating. He created an Instagram page to talk about this sport and he agreed to tell his journey to Jura Synchro.

Get ready for the new season with a new video series!

How to stay fit during the summer? The fitness expert Tiina Pesonen is responsible for the physical preparation of several top teams in Finland, including multiple World Champions Marigold IceUnity. She gives you her tips in a new YouTube series "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen" starting this Wednesday!

Jura Synchro Awards: On and off ice

A new awards ceremony has arrived. This week, we once again looked at social networks for the best synchro posts around the world. Here are the winners!

Prize money finally arrive in the synchro world

For the first time in the history of synchronized skating, Prize money will be awarded next season at the end of the Challenger Series to the best Junior and Senior teams.

The conquest of points will start next season

What are the differences between "World Standings" and "World Ranking"? What will change in the draws for starting order of the Short Program at the ISU World Championships? The International Skating Union (ISU) brings clarifications today in a communication. 

Croatia and Canada to host 2021 and 2022 Synchro Worlds

The International Skating Union (ISU) Council published on Friday the provisional allotments of the following ISU Championships for the seasons 2020/21 and 2021/22. 

Jura Synchro Awards: The best Posts of the Week!

It's Friday! And this weekend, Jura Synchro offers you a new awards ceremony bringing together the best posts of synchronized skating teams around the world.

Top 5 Synchro Music of Last Season

Today, Jura Synchro proposes you to open the "Synchro Charts" with the five music that marked last season in synchronized skating. So, do you have an idea?

Jura Synchro Awards: Off-Ice is Fun

You are waiting for it every weekend: Jura Synchro Awards are back! This is a special ceremony this Friday because we are featuring the best off-ice training posts published by synchro teams around the world. So are you ready?

5 synchro remarkable costumes seen last season

While teams and coaches are already working hard on next season's programs, some of us are still dreaming about the costumes of the past year. We have selected for you the five costumes that have undoubtedly marked the synchro world last winter.

Team Unique (FIN): New video

Find out a new video of Team Unique. The famous Finnish Senior Team plays the quick-response word game... 

Jura Synchro Awards: Hello June!

June is almost here. The ice is melting, but the athletes selected this week are still very active. Discover 5 synchro teams who share their love for synchro on social networks.