Synchro Challenger Series: "There will only be 4 stages this season"

Philippe Maitrot, Chair of the ISU Synchronized Skating Commission, reacts to the recent cancellation of the Asia Trophy 2019. The competition was the only Challenger Series event organized on the Asian continent. Interview.

Asia Trophy 2019: officially cancelled

Asia Trophy, the only Asian synchro competition of this season’s Challenger Series, was due to take place in Hong Kong on November 29-30. The event for the season 2019/20 has been cancelled. The ISU calendar has been updated today.

Top Finnish Teams Will Travel Around the World to Participate in the Challenger Series

Where will the Marigold IceUnity compete this season? What competition will the Team Mystique Juniors take part in? The Finnish Skating Federation has published a first draft of the Challenger Series calendar for the best teams from Finland.