The season started for National 1 teams in France!

Three Junior teams and the single Senior team from France started their competitive season last weekend in Villard de Lans (France). Competing both Short and Free, the teams are now ready to work harder on their programs.

A busy synchro season in France

At the beginning of September, the skaters have all made their comeback on the ice and we are already less than a month away from the first French competition. A glance at the program for this 2018/2019 season.

#MySkatingCostume: for synchro skating, it is multiplied by 20!

You maybe have noticed that the past few days, the International Skating Union (ISU) was posting on their social media about skating costumes! Let's take a moment to speak about costumes in synchro. 

The French Les Zazous talk about the future after their 3rd place at Nationals

The French national championship for juniors was held last weekend in Paris. Just like the seniors (which took place in December), the competition is a true ice skating event because it gathers ice dance, figure skating (singles and pairs) and synchronized skating. 

French Cup 2018: Russians, the big winners

The excitement of French Cup 2018 reached the pinnacle on the second day of French Cup 2018. Read more to know how the world’s best teams were doing.

"Kaisa, the Rockettes head coach, gave us great advice"

The Zazous, a junior team training in Lyon, France, competed for the first time last weekend at Compiègne during the Masters. After a busy summer, the athletes are very well prepared for the season.

The first results of the season in Compiègne

Last Saturday, October 28, 2017 marked the beginning of the season for six teams from France, Germany and Great Britain. The competition, based only on the short program, took place in Compiègne in an ice rink just reopened after major renovations.

First competition in France at the Masters in Compiègne

This is the first competition this Saturday for six teams from France but also from Germany and the United Kingdom. Three nations and three categories are represented: Novice Advanced, Senior N1, and Junior N1. This first event is only based on the short program. For the free program, the teams have the opportunity to present their work to the judges on Sunday.

French Cup 2017: relive the Junior competition

The Junior teams skated their free programs on Saturday afternoon at the 2017 French Cup. The American Skyliners, who were 4th after the short programs on Friday, took the bronze. Competition’s summary.

Top rankings for the young Finnish and Russian teams in Rouen

On Friday afternoon, the famous French Cup competition started in Rouen, France. Novices Advanced skated their free program and Juniors competed with their short program.

Wishes from all over the world

In this festive season, synchro skaters are spending some time with their family and take this opportunity to relax and recover before the international competitions. Before going to holidays, teams sent great pictures to the community.

For 11 teams, the season started this weekend in Lyon

On Saturday, October 22nd, 11 teams from Switzerland, Great Britain, and France competed on the Charlemagne ice rink in Lyon, France. It was the first occasion for many of them to show their new programs.