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Despite the pandemic, they decided to go skating abroad (2)

Covid or not, some synchro skaters have listened to their hearts and pursued their dream. In this second part, the skaters tell how the tryouts unfolded and speak about their expectations in their host country.

Team Unique (FIN): "The hopes are now for the coming season"

A few days before presenting their programs in a special live event, the captains of Team Unique, one of the most important Finnish teams, talk about this remarkable season, their fears, and their hopes for the future.

Third national competition and second live event for Italian synchro skaters

After months of uncertainty due to the pandemic outbreak, the Italian federation has finally allowed the return to regular competitions.

Despite the pandemic, they decided to go skating abroad

Covid or not, some synchro skaters have listened to their hearts and pursued their dream. Discover the first part of this series of articles devoted to these athletes who have not been slowed down by the pandemic... on the contrary!

Team Unique (FIN): "Constant uncertainty has been tiring"

The Finnish Senior team Team Unique is one of the best-synchronized skating teams in the world. The past year has been very challenging for all skaters around the world. Learn how the team is dealing with this unusual situation.

This synchro team has something unique

Located in the city of Tallinn, Team Diamonds is the only synchronized skating team in Estonia. Unlike its neighbour (Finland), this northern European country has not yet developed this skating discipline and dreams of more popularity.

Amanda Clinton: "There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes"

She's the coach of several synchro teams in Scotland, and she also loves analyzing elements when she works as an ISU Technical Specialist. Let's meet today Amanda Clinton!

Never looking back and improving all season long

With six teams, the Lower Mainland Synchronized Skating Club is one of the largest clubs in British Columbia, Canada. The coach Danalee Harrison is doing a huge job to break the stigma of synchro within the province.

A new country wants to develop synchronized skating

A new club fully dedicated to synchronized skating has just been created at the start of 2021 in Iceland. Will we soon see this new country at international competitions?

Synchro skating world lost a legend

One of synchro's most respected women, legendary Edith Ballester, has died at the age of 84. As a technical executive of the French federation, she had developed synchronized skating a lot.

Dance with other synchro teams on Zoom this Saturday

Even if the Trophy d'Ecosse has unfortunately been cancelled this year due to Covid-19, it will still be possible for synchro skaters to party. This Saturday, the traditionnal Ceilidh evening takes place... virtually!

Have you already registered for this new virtual competition?

A new virtual event is coming up for synchro teams from around the world. Athletes can participate with one program, two programs, or just by showing individual elements. Learn more about the 2021 Nacka Synchro Skate digital event!