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The 2021/22 Challenger Series in Synchronized Skating has been launched!

Where will the five stages of the Synchro Challenger Series take place next season? International Skating Union (ISU) launches call for applications from competitions wishing to become a stage of the series.

Henriikka Latva: "In the end, it’s the journey that counts"

She is well known in the world of synchronized skating in Finland. Coach of several teams and ISU Technical Specialist, Henriikka Latva wants to give back to sport everything it has given her.

When drama appears in synchronized skating

"Why drama lessons?" Many synchro skaters have had to answer this question at least once in their life. Check out Chloé Leducq's editorial.

After nearly a year Italian teams competed in a live event

For the first time, after the pandemic outbreak, the Italian Junior and Senior teams had the chance to show their programs in a live competition held in Trento on Sunday. Team Hot Shivers won in both divisions.

"We are eager to reorganize the French Cup in 2022"

Usually, at this time of year, the city of Rouen in France turns into the synchronized skating capital of the world during the French Cup. For the first time this year, this legendary competition will not take place.

Why Synchronized Skating will come out stronger from the crisis

Find out today 5 good reasons why synchronized skating will get even stronger after the Covid-19 pandemic.

All competitions cancelled in Finland but there is also good news

While Finland had started the skating season almost normally, the country finally decided to cancel competitions due to the pandemic. Skaters under the age of 20 may, however, return on the ice.

Paradise and Junost become the Russian national champions 2021

The Russian Nationals 2021 are over. The competitions were very exciting and eventful. All you need to know about the second day and final results!

Senior World Championships 2021: the decision fell

The International Skating Union (ISU) cancels the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2021. Scheduled in Croatia from April 9 to 10, the long-awaited event will not take place due to the COVID crisis.

Russian Nationals: Paradise and Crystal Ice Junior lead after short programs

On January 27, the Russian Nationals 2021 began in Saransk. The first competition day is always vibrant and spectacular. This year, two new teams compete for the first time, the junior Yamal and the senior Yenisei, and the junior team Aquamarine from Omsk entered the top 5.

Sunrise teams in Russia train the next generation of synchro skaters

"Skating synchro with team Sunrise – 1 was the best decision in my life". So began our conversation with Polina Vlasova, who has been skating in the Russian team for three years.

Synchro teams must constantly adapt to restrictions

Since this weekend, the new curfew in the Netherlands further limits synchro teams' training. The practices were already severely affected by the restrictions.