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Discover a few teams:

Kansas City Illusion | Intermediate (USA)

Kansas City Illusion Synchronized Skating Teams have seven teams with an age range of 3 to 30+. They build athletes through training, team-building, and passion in order to make each and every one successful! They believe that Synchronized Skating is the best sport as it combines the artistry of singles skating with the sportsmanship and support of a team!

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Fusion | Intermediate (USA)

Team Fusion represents FSC of Southern California.

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Esprit de Corps | Adult (USA)

The Esprit de Corps Adult Synchronized Skating Team represents Hayden Recreation Center FSC in the Adult Division. The age range of the team is 22 to 33 years old.

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Saint Louis Synergy | Junior (USA)

This team represents the Metro Edge Figure Skating Club.

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IceLiners | Intermediate (USA)

The IceLiners teams are from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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Aurora Borealis | Novice A (FIN)

Aurora Borealis is a team from Oulu in Finland.

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Diamond Edges | Novice A (FIN)

Diamond Edges is a novice team from the Southwest Finland region.

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