Mozart Cup 2023 kicks off


Canadian senior team Nexxice leading after Short Program (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

The second 2022-23 Challenger Series Mozart Cup competition kicks off in the winter wonderland of Salzburg, Austria, on 20 Jan 2023. On the first day of the competition, one Basic Novice team, three Elite 12 teams, 13 Junior and 16 Senior teams showcased their programs.

ADV picture
In the Basic Novice category, the sole Austrian contestant Colibris Vienna team performed their “Love Story” program with soft music.  Their skating was steady with no major fault, and so scored 50.38.

Colibris Vienna Basic Novice team on the ice. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

The Elite 12 category has one Finnish team and two American teams.

The three teams had a tight match after the Short Program, but Hayden Select (60.69), whose formation maintained tightly throughout their program “Out of Sight”, edged out Lumineers by a mere 0.24 points. Lumineers demonstrated their strength by delivering their program with joyful expression and power.

The other American team Crystallettes was not far behind and scored 53.34. There are still many possibilities, and we are keen to see how they perform for their Free Skates.

Hayden Select performing spirals. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Finnish team Lumineers giving their all. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

The Junior category's top spots were tightly contested. By a small margin, the American Team Skyliners Junior (69.53) is ahead of Team Musketeers (67.07). The Finnish made slight mistakes, or else they might close the gap with the current leader. Skating its short program ”Untouchable”, Team Mystique Junior (FIN)  is currently third. 

The expressive team Skyliners Junior (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Team Musketeers skating to music "Imagine" (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

In the Senior category, we witnessed fierce competition among the top players.

The freshly crowned Canadian champion Nexxice (72.83) leads the pack after delivering “I Have Nothing”. Team Haydenettes (71.57) follows closely after showcasing their powerful program cleanly.

Team Unique (71.37) unfortunately suffered a fall and had to settle for third place. The Free Skate will surely be exciting to many teams. 

Nexxice jumping high (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Haydenettes and their energetic spirals (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

On the second day of the Mozart Cup, we will see Advanced Novice category contestants performing their programs, as well as Junior and Senior teams continuing their fights with their Free Skates.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Results - TOP 3

Mozart Cup 2023
Salzburg (AUT)
JAN 19, 2023 - JAN 21, 2023

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)222.13
2Haydenettes (USA)217.81
3Dream Edges (FIN)217.00

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)186.11
2Musketeers (FIN)183.67
3Team Mystique (FIN)183.30

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)68.69
2Kometa (CZE)68.17
3Cool Dreams (SUI)60.77

Elite 12
TEAM Score
1Lumineers (FIN)187.89
2Hayden Select (USA)185.23
3Crystallettes (USA)173.10