Dream Edges is the winner of the Finnish junior qualifications


Dream Edges was placed first in free skating/ Credits: Tero Wester Photography 

Representing the city of Kaarina, Dream Edges is the 2018 winner of junior qualifications and will be "Team Finland 1" this season. The results are historical as for the first time a non-Helsinki team will represent Finland at the World Junior Championships. Dream Edges earned a total of 108.63 points in free skating. Their total score (170.48) is the new season’s best. Team Fintastic is second. 

The competition was tight between Team Fintastic and Team Mystique. On Sunday, the performance of Team Fintastic was clear. They earned 101.44 points and kept the second place. They will be "Team Finland 2" this season as they have the season’s second highest score.

Team Fintastic during its free skating to "LaLa Land". / Credits: Antti Jaamala

Team Mystique had a clear program too. They earned 100.53 points and stayed in the third place.

Musketeers had unlucky falls in their two first elements, intersection, and block. They earned 84.61 points and were placed four after free skating. FireBlades finished at the fifth position. They earned 85.37 points for their free program. 

Other categories and other Finnish teams also skated this weekend in Vantaa. Discover all results!