Team Paradise picked up the gold medal at Finlandia Trophy on Saturday


Team Paradise presenting its new Short Program. (Credits: Roy NG Photography - 2019)

The 24th Finlandia Trophy took palce in Espoo during 11-13 October. Late Saturday evening was brought to a climax by Russian Team Paradise which won the short program competition. Only five Senior teams took part in this invitational competition, but the quality replaced the number when the teams represented the top of synchro skating in the World. Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) took the silver medal and Team Unique (FIN) was placed third.

This year Team Paradise (RUS) skate their short program at a tempo of Tango, which is the name of their theme too. In their black and silver dresses, they build a smooth whole of the elements and earned scores 75.38.

Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) woke the audience up with their theme Alarm. They had a good composition and they made no errors. They got 74.33 points. Stylish black and red costume fits well to their performance. Their theme will continue in their free program after three weeks in the first Finnish qualification competition.

Super popular artist Billie Eilish is this year´s choice of Team Unique (FIN). Their Bad Que performance wasn´t bad at all.  Dressed in totally black "cat suite" every movement and stretching were distinctly distinguished. They earned scores 72.40 having -1.5 points deduction due to a too wide Move Element.

Team Unique with "Bad Que", their new Short Program. (Credits: Roy NG Photography - 2019)

This day wasn´t the day of Marigold IceUnity (FIN). They brought some powerful atmosphere from last year´s free program to the new short program. Strong drumming music started the performance in their Escape Room, but two falls in the intersection put their concentration in disorder and they ended up in fourth place with scores 60.83.

Lumineers (FIN) have built their short program according to a melancholic and very famous Finnish piece of music Stormscar´s Maya. They reached well the feeling of the music in their see-blue dresses and their performance was worth the fifth place and 54.15 points. 

Next time all the four Finnish Senior teams will meet on the 2-3 of November in the first qualification competition in Finland. Then they will perform their new free programs to the judges and the Finnish audience for the first time this season.

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Results - TOP 3

Finlandia Trophy 2019
Espoo (FIN)
OCT 11, 2019 - OCT 13, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)75.38
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)74.33
3Team Unique (FIN)72.40