Several ISU Junior teams revealed their themes for the season


Synchro teams from around the world are publishing hints about their new programs. (Credits: Janne Koistinen - 2018)

As November and the first international competitions are close, many synchro teams around the world have now revealed their themes for the coming synchronized skating season. Discover our Junior ISU first wrap up!

Let's start our tour in Finland where many Junior teams will start their competitive season in less than two weeks. The National champions Dream Edges revealed their new themes very early this season. In May, the team unveiled their short program's theme "Addiction", and in July their free program "Stonehenge".

Team Fintastic will skate its new short program to "Sound of Silence" in blue and gold dresses. Reflections will tell the story of Princess Jasmine in the short program. "The spirited Princess of Agrabah is determined to marry someone she loves," writes the team. Stella Polaris also announced the music of its short program: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

"The Wounded Angel" will be the short program's theme of Valley Bay Synchro. The Musketeers, who have often amazed fans with their original themes and costumes, still keep their secrets. A simple starry sky has been posted recently on their Instagram account. 

Team Mystique was one of the first teams to unveil its shiny red and yellow costume with a video. But the most recent video comes from Naantali in Finland. Sun City Swing unveiled the first few seconds of its new free program "Tick Tock goes the Clock ...".

In Canada, only a few Junior teams have yet unveiled their new programs. Les Suprêmes Juniors are one of them. The skaters have already revealed their free program: Matrix.

In the United States, Russia, Italy, Germany or even the Netherlands, the situation is still very secret too. Neither the Skyliners, Crystal Ice, nor the 2019 World Champions Junost, have yet revealed their programs.

However, the Swedish and French teams were faster this year. Team Seaside will skate to "Bird Box" for its free program. The 2019 National champion Team Spirit has released some sneak peeks. Team Jeanne d'Arc, which has already competed this season in France, has already presented its two new programs. The team skates this year its free program to the theme of basketball!

For the other Juniors teams, who had participated in the World Championships last season, the themes will be slowly revealed as well. The Czechs Team Darlings have for example announced to be back with two new programs already completed. In Spain, Team Mirum will also be skating this season.

The Icicles (GBR) recently released a video sneak peek, without revealing exactly their themes. About the Polish Team Ice Fire, they will skate their free program this season to "Falling Angels", a story about angels coming down from the sky to fight on Earth.

The season is in its very beginnings. Do not miss in a few days new revelations about the Seniors teams!