Themes' revelations: it's Senior teams turn!


A few Senior teams will skate in just two weeks in California at the first stage of the ISU Challenger Series. (Credits: Tatarstan by Sebastien Muller - 2019).

After Juniors a few days ago, let's have a look at the Senior teams' programs. Which themes have already been revealed? Who are still keeping them secrets? This is what we know for the moment.

Those who have already revealed both programs
Only a few teams have unveiled the themes of their two programs for the season. Thanks to their participation in the Shanghai Trophy at the beginning of October, the Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) and the Australian Team Unity have already presented their two programs. The Finnish athletes skate this year a short program called "Alarm" and a free named "Wounded Angel". Team Unity has chosen the Queen's famous song 'Do not Stop Me Now' for the short program and the soundtrack from 'Mary, Queen of Scots' for the free program.

The French national champions, Zoulous, have also already revealed their new themes. Alain-Daniel Hostache's team presents this season a short program to the soundtrack from 'Peter Gunn', and the city of Paris will be in the spotlight for the free program.

Those who have just given some hints
If several short programs are now known, the themes of free programs stay quite mysterious.

In Canada, Nova and Les Suprêmes Seniors have each already revealed one of their programs: a tribute to the singer Charles Aznavour for Nova (short program), and an awareness theme about unsustainability for Les Suprêmes's free skate. But, still no hints about their second performance. However, we should know more about them soon on Jura Synchro!

In Finland, after the revelations of short programs two weeks ago at the Finlandia Trophy, senior teams regularly give clues on social networks. Team Unique (who skates on Billie Eilish's song "Bad guy" for the short program), publishes regularly some strange quotes. Marigold IceUnity has released the video of a falling wooden tower and, more recently, a sound of bells. As a reminder, MIU skates its short program to the theme "Escape Room". As for the Lumineers, they will reveal their free program in two weeks during the California Cup.

In Belgium, Team Phoenix has also begun to reveal hints about its new free program: a sword, a wave, a boat anchor... Would they skate to pirates this year? 

What are the other teams preparing?
After their tango, no new information has been revealed about the world champions' new free program, the Russian Team Paradise. Moreover, nothing has leaked either in the other Russian teams like Tatarstan or Crystal Ice for the moment. But the teams will play their first national competition in Moscow next weekend, so we should know more soon.

Also in the USA, the secrets about the new themes are still well kept. The Haydenettes, the Skyliners or the Miami University team... nobody has yet unveiled their new programs to their fans. Same on the other side of the border, in the Nexxice team (CAN).

The Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN) and Team Passion have announced they'll be back this season. The Hungarian team worked with Andrea Dohany (the former Team Surprise coach in Sweden) for its new programs. "So good to see how the choreography that you make comes to life on the ice," Team Passion wrote. The team Icicles (GBR) also worked this season with one of the best coaches to create its programs: Kaisa Arrateig, coach of Helsinki Rockettes.

Many mysteries still surround the new senior programs, stay tuned!