National medals and great performances at the Swiss Cup 2020


The Mixed Age team Rising Roses (GER) at the end of their program. (Credits: Jura Synchro - 2020)

Nearly 30 synchro teams competed on Saturday and Sunday in Widnau, eastern Switzerland, at the Swiss Cup 2020. For the only two ISU junior and senior teams this was the last occasion to present their program for the last time before the ISU World Championships.

Junior & Senior ISU
In the ISU categories, Switzerland currently has only one Senior team and one Junior team. Both are from the same club in the Zurich area.

Starlight Junior totaled 29.75 points for its short program and 68.58 points for its "Winter" themed free program, the total score is 98.33. Its best result of the season was achieved at the Hevelius Cup where the team received 100.84 points.

The senior skaters also failed to break their record. With 128.43 points, Starlight Senior achieved a score just above of the Lumière Cup's results at the start of the season (128.28). His personal best remains the score of 131.97 points obtained at the Spring Cup in Italy.

Starlight Senior in their free program "Time Machine". (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2020)

ADV picture
Advanced Novices
In the Advanced Novices division, 4 teams competed.

The event was largely dominated by the Cool Dreams Novices, despite a fall at the start of the program in the Intersection element. Burgdorf's skaters received gold with a total of 57.59 points.

Starlight Novice skated a clean program and finished 2nd with 53.83 points. The team received levels 3 in three elements of their program.

Team Bernettes finished with the bronze medal (34.73 points) and had a fall in the Twizzle Element. Finally, Team Ruby from Basel also had a fall and totaled 32.04 points, which placed them in the 4th position.

For the ISU categories, this competition was considered as the Swiss Championships.

Mixed Age
With 8 teams, the Mixed Age category was one of the most popular.

The victory went to the Snowflakes who totaled 56.58 points. The team, however, had some small errors in its program, in particular a fall in the Pivoting Block element.

Rising Roses, the only foreign team to compete in this division, finished 2nd with 47.54 points. Their free program skated in blue dresses was clean and lively.

Team Bernettes received the bronze medal at the Swiss Cup. Despite a fall at the end of their program, the team finished with a score of 46.72 points.

The rest of the ranking was tighter. The United Blades from Neuchâtel presented their Matrix program and finished 4th, the local team Ice Storms ranked 5th, Team Ice Phoenix from Jura placed 6th, Team Onyx from Basel 7th and Team Volcano from Lausanne 8th.

In the other divisions ...
Cool Dreams Royals from Burgdorf easily won the Seniors B competition (73.55), followed by Starlight Seniors and Team Saphire.

Ice Flowers from Thun was the winner in the Basic Novices with 28.18 points. Ice Dreams from the Czech Republic, Ice Crystals (Illnau-Effretikon) and Ice Spice completed the ranking.

The Juvenile victory went to the Cool Dreams of Switzerland with a score of 25.86 points. The Czech team Bublinky finished 2nd and Magic Moonlight (GER) third.

Finally, three Swiss teams competed in the Adult division: Team Passion (33.98), Starlight Diamonds (28.39) and Ice Roses (24.82).

Results - TOP 3

Swiss Cup 2020
Widnau (SUI)
FEB 29, 2020 - MAR 01, 2020

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)56.58
2Rising Roses (GER)48.54
3Team Bernettes (SUI)46.72

TEAM Score
1Starlight (SUI)98.33

TEAM Score
1Starlight (SUI)128.43

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams (SUI)57.59
2Starlight (SUI)53.83
3Team Bernettes (SUI)34.73

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams Royal (SUI)73.55
2Starlight (SUI)65.83
3Team Saphire (SUI)59.65