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A Successful Synchronized Skating Workshop

The past weekend in Trento, the Italian Skating Federation (FISG) organized the first Synchronized Skating Workshop, open to both coaches and teams regardless of the category.

Olympic Dreams Project, what is this new project for synchro?

A new project opened this summer. Led by two American synchro skaters, its mission is to develop synchronized skating by supporting skaters worldwide.

Tokyo Kicks Start New Competition Season

After the summer break, synchro teams become busy again in preparation for competition season. Let us learn what is happening in Tokyo, Japan.

With two programs already finished, they are ready for the new season

Training in Ankara, Turkey, the Vizyon junior team is ready for the new season. The Turkish champions have just completed two training camps.

The only one in the country

The Netherlands currently has only one synchro team in the Adult category. Meet Team Dejavu! and find out how this team was created.

Worlds 2024: these are the countries that will send two teams

The first synchro competitions will resume in about three months, with the highlight being the 2024 Junior and Senior World Championships. Do you know which countries can send two teams next year?

A dream comes true for two former skaters

Quitting the synchro world completely? Jenny and Sabrina couldn't have imagined it. These two former skaters are about to create the first synchro team in northern Germany, and you can even help choose the name.

"A real closure" for Márti and Rita after 20 years of synchro skating

Márti Afonyi, 27, and Rita Farkas, 26, are two Hungarian synchronized skaters who finished their long careers in the country's national team, Team Passion, this year—for the second time. Originally quitting already in 2021, exhausted by the pandemic and new life changes, they both then decided to return for one more year for the 2022-2023 season which turned out to be a great Hungarian success story. In this interview, the girls reflect on their personal journey as well as their team's journey to the synchronized skating elite and share their biggest takeaways from the sport.

From Skating to Coaching: a Japanese experience

In 2020 we had the pleasure to interview Yurika Ando and learnt about her experience skating in Team Berlin 1. Fast-forward a few years we happily met her again in a local competition in Kyoto, Japan, as she was coaching a Junior team. Interested in knowing how she has been doing? Keep reading.

Travelling the globe to skate, they did it!

Synchronized skating can be a great way to change your life, or simply to try a new experience abroad. Learn a new language, discover another culture, and of course, a new style of skating. Three skaters from all over the world have tested for you. Interview!

A second top-class team in Spain

After creating the Mixed Age team Shooting Stars in 2018, Spain now has a 2nd ISU Senior team.

Helena, from solo to synchro hero

There are people for whom synchronized skating radically transforms their lives. After a lousy foot fracture, Helena Ericson dedicated herself to synchro, ending her career at 26 with a World Championship title. Interview.