Jura Synchro celebrates Halloween with some of the scariest synchronized skating costumes ever!


Dream Edges from Finland scared everyone two seasons ago. (Credits: Tero Wester Photography - 2018)

Halloween can be enjoyed by skaters of all ages even on the ice. This week, we asked our fans on Instagram what were their most scary synchro costumes. Trick-or-treat... here is the selection!

On this Halloween day, let's start our tour with a team that impressed many fans (and also maybe the technical panel) two years ago... The junior team Dream Edges (FIN) and its program "Escape from the Mental Asylum". Do you remember?

In the same idea, we've heard that their Novice team Diamond Edges is actually preparing a scary program for this season!

Also in Finland, a former skater from the Advanced Novice Team Sympathique also reminded us that her team skated to "Vampires" two years ago in red and black dresses.

Among other frightening costumes and themes that have been seen in the world of Synchronized Skating, let's remember the program of Les Suprêmes Juniors (CAN) in the 2015-2016 season called "Skeletons".

In Sweden, two programs were mentioned by fans: "Woodoo", the powerful performance of Team Convivium in 2014, but also the clowns' program of Team Spirit.

"Once our team wore a costume that looked like we were wrapped in aluminum folio, it was a nightmare," remembered a skater from Team Vizyon Novice in Turkey.

Several fans also mentioned the amazing short program of the Russian team Crystal Ice Junior last season. Watch it once again below!

In the other best scary programs and costumes, the community also mentioned the performance of Team Berlin 1 (GER) during the 2017-2018 season. The team skated the program "Creepy Dolls".

Gold Ice Novice skaters and coaches from Canada have also been very creative with a Frankenstein program in black and green costumes.

These wonderful examples demonstrate that synchronized skating has no limits in creativity.

Happy Halloween!