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Discover a few teams:

Starlights | Senior (USA)

The Starlights represent Skokie Valley Skating Club.

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Aura | Mixed Age (AUS)

An Australian Mixed Age team.

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Team Unum | Junior B (GBR)

Sheffield Synchronized Skating Academy have 4 skating teams that take part in various competitions around the UK and throughout Europe. Each team is professionally coached by Amanda Hembrow and Ed Jones.

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EnergICE | Adult (CAN)

A synchronized skating team representing the St. Thomas Skating Club & Woodstock Skating Club, ON.

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Les Rythmiks de Lanaudière | Intermediate (CAN)

The Rythmiks from Lanaudière is a big family of synchro skaters. They're based in Québec, near Montréal.

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Team Luna | Novice A (SLO)

A young team that has represented Slovenia in several international competitions.

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Cassiopée | Elementary (CAN)

Cassiopée is a big synchro family. These teams are located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

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Magic Crystals | Novice A (FRA)

Magic Crystals belong to the Skating Club Compiègne Oise (SSCO).

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