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Discover a few teams:

Golding Ice | Intermediate (CAN)

The Golding Ice teams were founded in Quebec by Manon Boisvert.

More about Golding Ice

Blue Unicorns | Mixed Age (GER)

Welcome to Blue Unicorn from Nürnberg in Germany.

More about Blue Unicorns

Skating Graces | Junior (GER)

Skating Graces senior come from Chemnitz, a city located in Germany.

More about Skating Graces

Team Paradise | Senior (RUS)

Team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg has been the national champion of Russia since 1999.

More about Team Paradise

Cassiopée Next Generation | Intermediate (CAN)

Cassiopée is a big synchro family. These teams are located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

More about Cassiopée Next Generation

Team Inspire | Senior (SWE)

Team Inspire is a senior synchronized skating team founded in 2020. The team is based in Landvetter, Sweden.

More about Team Inspire

San Diego Shining Blades | Open-Juvenile (USA)

2017 Sectional Champions 2016 Silver Medalist at Sectionals Based in San Diego, California

More about San Diego Shining Blades