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Discover a few teams:

Synchronicity | Open (CAN)

A team representing The London Skating Club, London, ON.

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Wight Crystals | Novice A (GBR)

Wight Crystals are the 2018 Novice British Champions.

More about Wight Crystals

Hummingbirds | Mixed Age (CRC)

Starting team with skaters from different ages and different levels. We're trying to complete a 16 people team and we have been training for 3 years now..

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Sparkling Ice | Intermediate (CAN)

A team representing the Unionville Skating Club.

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Mozaïks | Mixed Age (FRA)

Mozaïks is a Mixed Age team from Louviers, France.

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Team Image | Novice A (USA)

Team Image is centered in Westchester County, N.Y.

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Starlights | Novice A (USA)

The Starlights represent Skokie Valley Skating Club.

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Sunrise 1 | Junior (RUS)

A team from Saint Petersburg.

More about Sunrise 1

Starfire Synchronized Skating | Intermediate (USA)

Starfire is an intermediate team. Training take at the Rocket Ice Arena, Bolingbrook, Illinois.

More about Starfire Synchronized Skating