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Discover a few teams:

Sweet Dream 3 | Mixed Age (CHN)

A team from the Beijing Hokay Ice Centre.

More about Sweet Dream 3

Sunlights | Novice (FIN)

Sunlights is coming from Helsinki, Finland.

More about Sunlights

Ice Diamonds | Novice A (USA)

A team that represents the Mentor Figure Skating Club.

More about Ice Diamonds

Aurora | Mixed Age (GBR)

Aurora is a Mixed Age synchronized skating team from the Highlands, a historic region of Scotland.

More about Aurora

Altius | Junior B (FIN)

A team from Porvoo, Finland.

More about Altius

Le Soleil | Junior (POL)

Le Soleil has many synchro teams. Skaters are between 6 and 22 years old.

More about Le Soleil

Team Orion | Senior (CZE)

A team from Pardubice, in Czech Republic.

More about Team Orion

Team Serenity | Novice (SWE)

A team from Ytterby, Sweden, created in 2021.

More about Team Serenity