Skaters in good shape applauded by their public in a festive competitive atmosphere


Team Ice on Fire Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY -2021)

More than 300 synchro skaters competed last weekend in Milan at the First Italian National Competition.

ADV picture
On November 28th, 20 teams from all over Italy gathered in Milan for the First Italian National Competition held at the Palasesto, the famous ice rink where the Spring Cup takes place every year.

For most of the teams, this was the first competition after a very long time, and everyone participated in the joyful and bright atmosphere of the event. From the youngest athletes from the Juvenile division to the older ones, every skater was so happy to get ready and compete. Except for the masks that everyone had to wear, it looks like things have come back to normality.

"It's impossible to describe the feeling of skating in front of the public after nearly two years! The cheer and the atmosphere gave us an adrenaline rush. We have really missed it!" said Olimpia Team from Como.

Team Hot Shivers Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY -2021)

The competition was open to all divisions. The event started in the morning with the Junior and Senior's short programs, followed by the non-ISU divisions and, in the afternoon, by the ISU ones.

"Palasesto is our home rink, and competing here is always a great feeling. We are so happy to see so many people coming and supporting the teams after so much time!" said Team Hot Shivers.

 Only two teams competed in the Juvenile division.

Team Ice Breakers presented a happy "Cirque du Soleil" themed program and won the gold medal with 24.41 points. "We choose this music to let our little athletes immerse themselves in a more light-headed reality and decrease the tension of the first competition," the team said.

In second place, Team Ice Sparkles got 20.20 points and skated a nice and cheerful program on the songs "Tu vò fà l'americano" and "Mambo Italiano" by Sophia Loren.

Team Ice Sparkles Juvenile (Credits: Team Ice Sparkles - 2021)

Mixed Age
Olimpia Team won first place. They presented a very moving and engaging performance on the song "The Sound of Silence" by Disturbed and earned a total score of 57.00 points. "Around two weeks ago, our ice rink closed due to structural problems; since then, we were only able to skate a couple of hours, so this victory means a lot to us," they said.

Team Frost Fairies skated a powerful and strong program, wearing a black dress, and ranked second with 48.71 points.

Olimpia Team Mixed Age (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

Junior B
Team Ice on Fire took the lead in the Junior B division, a rather new division in Italy. They earned 40.85 points.

With a score of 35.41 points, Olimpia Team ranked second. They performed an elegant, strong, but also ethereal program on the songs "Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins and "Never give up on your dreams" by Thomas Bergersen. "This was our first competition in this division; we are proud of our performance, but we are eager to work hard and improve even more," they said.

In third place, Team Ice Breakers skated on the song "Iron" by Woodkid. Their intense and powerful performance earned 28.38 points.

Olimpia Team Junior B (Credits: Olimpia Team - 2021)

Basic Novice
There was a tight competition between six teams in the Basic Novice division with only a 6 points difference between the first and last ranked.

Team Ice Diamonds, from Chiavenna, won the gold medal with 29.64 points. They skated on the soundtrack of the movie "Aladdin". "We are very happy about our performance, last year our ice rink opened only for a few months, and we couldn't participate in any competition," they explained.

Olimpia Team Basic Novice (Credits: Olimpia Team - 2021)

From Milan, Team Shining Blades ranked second with a total score of 26.87 points.

Olimpia Team from Como performed a very cheerful and nice "Aladdin" themed program with a beautiful light blue and gold dress. They earned 26.68 points and ranked third.

In fourth place, Team Ladybirds performed a Charleston and obtained 24.78 points.

Team Ice Angels ranked fifth with 23.81 points; they skated on the soundtrack of Charlie Chaplin's movie "Modern Times".

Only 0.41 points behind, Team Ice Sparkles presented a program on Madonna's songs and got 23.41 points.

Team Ice Sparkles Basic Novice (Credits: Team Ice Sparkles - 2021)

Advanced Novice
In the Advanced Novice division, Team Hot Shivers won the competition. They presented a beautiful and joyful program on the movie "Luca" soundtrack and earned a total score of 72.29 points, improving their score by 10 points in only one week!

Team Ladybirds, from Milan, performed their program "The Cunning Fox" and ranked second with 61.52 points.

Team Hot Shivers Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY -2021)

Junior ISU
Team Hot Shivers won first place with a total score of 123.80 points. 

In the short program, they performed an elegant "Vogue" themed program and, although an unfortunate fall at the end, they got 39.22 points. In the free program, they skated a more emotional and dreamy performance on the song "One day I'll fly away" by Nicole Kidman and earned 84.58 points.

Team Shining Blades skated, in the short program, on the "Money Heist" soundtrack and obtained 25.02 points. 

In the free skating, they performed on an Aladdin-themed program to the songs "Harvest Dance" by Alan Menken and "Speechless" by Naomi Scott. They earned 55.29 points with an overall score of 80.31 points.

Team Shining Blades Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY -2021)

Senior ISU
In the Senior division, Team Hot Shivers ranked first both in the short and in the free program and earned an overall score of 168.71 points.

In the morning, they performed a tango on the song "Tanos" by Lino Cannavacciuolo and obtained 58.18 points. They skated a more sweet and emotional program in the afternoon and scored 110.63 points.

Team Ice on Fire presented a romantic short program on the song "It's all coming back to me now" by Céline Dion and obtained 55.88 points. "Our short program tells about the end of a romantic story and the new beginning that it brings," they explained.

They shifted to a more powerful and strong theme in the free skating and performed to the movie "The Mission" soundtrack. They earned 110.44 points and an overall score of 166.32.

Results - TOP 3

1st Gara Nazionale 2021
Sesto San Giovanni (ITA)
NOV 28, 2021 - NOV 28, 2021

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)123.80
2Shining Blades (ITA)80.31

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)72.29
2Ladybirds (ITA)61.52

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Ice on Fire (ITA)40.85
2Olimpia Team (ITA)35.41
3Ice Breakers (ITA)28.38

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)168.71
2Ice on Fire (ITA)166.32

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Olimpia Team 1 (ITA)57.00
2Frost Fairies (ITA)48.71