The French Cup 2023 has started!


Second after the short, can the Lumineers win gold tomorrow? (Credits: Viille Vairinen - 2022)

The 28th French Cup opened Friday in Rouen, France. Synchro teams from Europe and North America competed.

The competition started with the Novice category. Starlights from Finland achieved an excellent score of 94.24! A huge score rewarded with a gold medal. The Novice podium is 100% Finnish with Ice Fantasy (2nd) and CrystalBlades (3rd). 

The race for gold is just as exciting in Elite 12 where four teams compete. There are only 3,5 points between the first ones - Hayden Select (USA) and Lumineers (FIN). The Chrysalides complete the ranking.

ADV picture

Eleven teams compete in ISU Juniors this yearand after the first day, the scores are extremely close. Less than a point separates the top three teams. 

Currently in the lead, Nova Junior (CAN) delivered a dynamic and highly controlled program on "Conga" by Gloria Estefan. DC Edge, skating as Team USA, then took the audience into a very emotional performance. Finally, Fond du Lac Blades (USA) also skated confidently on a modified Star Wars version. 

ADV picture
U.S. teams are also at the top of the ISU Senior provisional rankings. Dressed in blue, the Teams Elite (USA) skaters delivered a great performance in Rouen. Nova, representing Canada, is not far behind and will try to win gold tomorrow. Their short program, both touching and full of creativity, allowed the team to finish 2nd. 

The French team Zoulous is third, thanks to a clean program to James Brown music. The other French team, Team Jeanne d'Arc, presented its dynamic program finishing 6th. The two Dutch teams are currently 4th and 5th, extremely close to each other. 

Tomorrow's competitions promise some nice surprises and skating moments. 

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2023
Rouen (FRA)
FEB 03, 2023 - FEB 04, 2023

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Starlights (FIN)94.24
2Ice Fantasy (FIN)80.80
3CrystalBlades (FIN)79.78

Elite 12
TEAM Score
1Lumineers (FIN)190.32
2Hayden Select (USA)187.16
3Crystallettes (USA)183.76

TEAM Score
1Nova (CAN)181.25
2Fond du Lac Blades (USA)173.62
3Ice Steps (FIN)169.48

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)201.18
2Nova (CAN)199.27
3Zoulous (FRA)170.81