Synchro always so appreciated in Sweden


The Junior Team Seaside in the Short program. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2023)

This weekend, the national synchronized skating championships took place in Kungälv, Sweden. For two days, the best teams in the country competed for medals. According to the federation, the event was "a crowd-pleaser with packed stands".

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At the same time as Finland, the Swedish teams had their Nationals this weekend. "This is one of the highlights of the year. The Swedish Synchronized Skating Championships bring together Sweden's best teams. There is usually a fantastic atmosphere in the rink," said Camilla Fredman, competition manager at Skate Sweden, on the federation's website.

The Swedish senior national team Team Inspire presented a clean short program and had more difficulties on Sunday in the free skate, especially in the Moves. Nevertheless, they scored 209.16. It's their best total this season.

Team Inspire - Free program (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2023)

The junior teams Seaside and Spirit, which have been selected for the World Championships, competed. Team Seaside skated two good programs this weekend, finishing with the gold medal. Team Spirit had a fall in the free program in the Travelling Element, which affected their score. The team from Kungsbacka and Mölndal finished 2nd, ahead of Team Moonlights

Five Novice teams also competed. The victory went to Team Together. Despite an unfortunate fall in the Moves, the team still won the competition by more than six points. 

Results - TOP 3

Swedish National Championships 2023
Kungälv (SWE)
FEB 25, 2023 - FEB 26, 2023

TEAM Score
1Team Inspire (SWE)209.16

TEAM Score
1Team Seaside (SWE)170.57
2Team Spirit (SWE)159.01
3Team Moonlights (SWE)143.92

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Together (SWE)72.71
2Team Caprice (SWE)66.84
3Team Harmony (SWE)63.99