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    "I am an alumni skater of DC Edge Junior who loves the sport with all my heart, and hope to help advocate for its spot in the Olympic games! Currently, I am a senior in high school committed to majoring in international studies and environmental science, but I have a passion for sports journalism and storytelling as well. When I'm not at the rink or studying for my classes, you can find me practicing yoga, sewing Christmas stockings, or curling up to a good Agatha Christie book."

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US Synchronized Skating Championships: High Stakes in Vegas

This past week has been a busy one for the US synchronized skating community. Starting Wednesday, eighty-eight teams arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada, to compete in the 2024 US Synchronized Skating Championships across nine divisions. Skaters competed at the Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior Elite 12, Senior, Collegiate, Adult and Masters levels. Both triumphs and upsets swept the Junior and Senior divisions, as the top teams prepare for the upcoming Worlds.