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Day 1 of Junior World: Canada, Finland and the USA leading

24 teams from 20 nations gathered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland for the Junior World Champion title. On 15 March the teams performed their Short Programs. Continue reading to discover who is leading.

Junior Worlds 2024: Here Are the Participating Teams (2/2)

This Friday and Saturday, the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, will play host to the Junior World Championships. In this article, you'll discover the teams from around the world who are set to compete in this prestigious event. With a mix of seasoned contenders and newcomers, the competition promises to be thrilling.

Junior Worlds 2024: Here Are the Participating Teams (1/2)

This weekend, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, becomes the epicenter of synchronized skating, welcoming many of the world's most talented junior teams to the ISU Junior World Championships. The competition will captivate synchro fans worldwide. But first, find out more about the participants!

Team Titanium: Pioneering New Zealand's Journey to the Junior Worlds

In a remarkable stride for New Zealand's synchronized skating scene, Team Titanium is set to make history as the first Kiwi junior team to compete at the Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, taking place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Under the guidance of head coach Tracy Danbrook, a veteran with over a decade of coaching experience and a background in both single and synchronized skating, Team Titanium embodies the spirit of determination and passion for the sport.

Helsinki Rockettes and Team Unique will go to Worlds

In the most important competition of the Finnish synchronized skating season, the Helsinki Rockettes succeeded excellently. Their powerful program "Manaus (Incantation)" received 153.38 points, and they earned 230.65 overall scores. This result secured them the gold medals, and they will be Team Finland 1 in the Senior World Championships next April. Team Unique was appointed as Team Finland 2.

US Synchronized Skating Championships: High Stakes in Vegas

This past week has been a busy one for the US synchronized skating community. Starting Wednesday, eighty-eight teams arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada, to compete in the 2024 US Synchronized Skating Championships across nine divisions. Skaters competed at the Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior Elite 12, Senior, Collegiate, Adult and Masters levels. Both triumphs and upsets swept the Junior and Senior divisions, as the top teams prepare for the upcoming Worlds.

Helsinki Rockettes succeeded best in the short program at Finnish Nationals

This weekend, the Finnish National Championships in synchronized skating is in progress in Turku. Once again, the final Senior competition in Finland is extremely exciting. The two Senior World Championship representatives will be chosen, and all the top three teams will be in a good position to gain the seat. After the short program competition, Helsinki Rockettes is leading with 77.27 points.

Teams Elite (USA) Gears Up for the National Spotlight

As the US National Championships are about to begin, Teams Elite and coach Danielle Ostrower share insights into their preparation and aspirations. With remarkable achievements in Europe and a focus on unity and artistic expression, they aim to leave an indelible mark on the national stage, eyeing a spot at the Junior Worlds in Switzerland.

Two Finnish teams qualified for Junior Worlds

The Marie Lundmark Trophy took place on Saturday and Sunday in Helsinki, Finland. This top-level competition was the 5th and final leg of the Challenger Series and witnessed some incredible performances. The Helsinki Rockettes won the gold in Senior, Les Suprêmes were the best in the Junior division, and two Finnish junior teams to qualify for the Junior World Championships.

Canadian teams are leading the second Marie Lundmark Trophy in cold and sunny Helsinki

The Challenger series culminates this weekend, February 10-11, for the second Marie Lundmark Trophy in history. The reigning World Champion, Canada's Les Suprêmes, is leading the Senior competition after the short program. Also, in the Junior series, Canadians are in the lead when Les Suprêmes Junior succeeded perfectly in their performance. In addition to the reigning World Cup medalists, tough United States and Canada contenders are seen on the ice.

Japanese teams get ready for the Worlds

The 30th Japan National Synchronized Skating Championship, along with the 2024 Japan Synchronized Skating Open Competition, were held over the weekend of 3-4 February 2024 at Kyoto Aquarena. Fourteen teams competed for the gold medals in the Senior, Junior, Intermediate, Juvenile and Open Age categories.

American teams shine and take gold in Poland

The 4th and penultimate leg of the Challenger Series took place this weekend in Gdansk, Poland, at the Hevelius Cup. Two US teams took the gold. Teams Elite won the competition in the Junior category, while the Haydenettes (USA) scored another victory in the Senior category.