One of the last events of Italian competition season took place this weekend


Team Hot Shivers Advanced Novice (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

Last weekend Italian Youth National Championships took place in Aosta. Team Ice Sparkles and Team Hot Shivers are the new national champions.

ADV picture
Last Sunday, the Italian Youth National Championships took place in Aosta.

This event was the last competition for Novice divisions, who had one last chance to show their skills and programs for this year. The next event in the Italian competition season will be the Nationals for non-ISU divisions.

Basic Novice
As always, many teams competed in the Basic Novice division.

Team Ice Sparkles from Aosta won the competition and the national title with a total score of 42.83 points. They performed an energetic and engaging program to a medley of Madonna's songs. "This was our last competition of the season, and even if we couldn't manage to compete abroad, we are really happy with this season," they said.

In the second place, Team Ladybirds skated on a Charleston program and earned 41.62 points.

With a magical Aladdin-themed program, Team Ice Diamonds from Chiavenna ranked third with a score of 40.56 points.

Team Shining Blades got fourth place with 36.97 points, while Team Ice Angels skated to the "Modern Times" soundtrack by Charlie Chaplin and ranked fifth with a score of 34.06.

In sixth place, Team Ice on Fire performed their creative "Street Artist" program to the movie "Micmacs à Tire Larigot" soundtrack and earned 32.93 points.

Only one point behind, Olimpia Team from Como skated a magical and dreamy program to the movie "Aladdin" soundtrack and ranked seventh with a total score of 31.39 points.

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Advanced Novice
In the Advanced Novice division, Team Hot Shivers confirmed their national title by winning the competition with 74.29 points. "We are really satisfied with our achievements this season. Despite the ups and downs caused by the pandemic, we managed to skate a clean program in every competition and to improve our scores during the season," they said.

In the second place, Team Ladybirds from Milan performed their program "The Cunning Fox" and earned 67.74 points.

Results - TOP 3

Italian National Championships (Novices) 2022
Aosta (ITA)
MAR 25, 2022 - MAR 27, 2022

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)74.29
2Ladybirds (ITA)67.74