The last event of an unusual season


Team Ice on Fire, Junior B (Credits: Circolo Pattinatori Trento, 2021)

Last week, the Italian competition season officially came to an end. In this final event, a total of nine teams competed in three different divisions.

On May 2nd, nine Italian teams participated in the last event of the season that took place in Trento, in the north of Italy.

The competition was open to Juvenile, Mixed Age and Junior B divisions and all the teams competed in compliance with the current sanitary rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Wearing a mask off the ice was mandatory, but most of the teams wore it even while competing. No public was allowed, and everyone was tested for Covid-19 a couple of days before the competition.

Despite all these restrictions, everyone was pleased to compete and show their programs one last time before the summer break.

In the Juvenile division, Team Ice Sparkles won with a total score of 26.97 points, skating to the song "Try Everything" from the film Zootopia.

"We are very proud of our result", said Team Ice Sparkles. "For this competition, we chose to increase the number of our skaters from 10 to 16; in two weeks, we were able to change our program and perform it at its best", they added.

Team Ladybirds took second place with 20.61 points; while Team Ice on Fire skated to the movie "Brave" soundtrack and earned 19.85 points, which is their new season-best. 

Mixed Age
In this category, there was a fierce competition for first place between two teams: Team Shining Blades and Team Frost Fairies. In the end, Team Frost Fairies took the gold and won the final competition with 50.52 points.

Only 0.04 points behind, Team Shining Blades ranked second with a score 50.48 points, skating to the song "Dance for me Wallis" by Abel Korzeniowski.

At the third place, Team Ladybirds got 38.40 points; while Team Ice Dolls earned 31.20 points and ranked fourth.

Junior B
In the Junior B division, only two teams competed: Team Ice on Fire from Trento and Team Ladybirds from Milan.

The winner was Team Ladybirds that earned a total score of 50.75 points. With less than one point difference, Team Ice on Fire ranked second, skating on the theme "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", after earning 49.68 points.

"We had two bad falls that compromised our score and our victory, but we are proud of our work and our improvement this season", said Team Ice on Fire.

Team Ice on Fire Juvenile (Credits: Circolo Pattinatori Trento, 2021)

This event marked the end of the competition season in Italy.

Despite not having a public and have to follow strict sanitary rules, all the teams felt very lucky to have had the chance to compete multiple times this year.

"This season has been quite unique. We had different challenges, like wearing masks during training and managing quarantine cases, which made getting ready for competitions even more difficult", said Team Shining Blades. "However, we are very happy that we managed to skate and compete all the season."

"This year has been particularly difficult for us; in addition to the complications concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, our ice rink has been closed, so we had to find ice for training in other cities. Being able to skate and compete was a great satisfaction for us!" explained Team Frost Fairies.

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Now that this season has ended, everyone is thinking about the new one, hoping that everything will come back to normal as soon as possible.

"We are already focusing on the next season; we are trying new steps and elements. We can't wait to compete again!" said Team Ice on Fire.