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Discover a few teams:

Team Minia | Juvenile (BEL)

Team Minia is founded in September 2016. Team Minia is a part of Synchro Turnhout, Belgium.

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Chicago Jazz | Novice A (USA)

Our team members work together to be the best that they can be at all times.

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Jitterbugs | Mixed Age (AUS)

Jitterbugs is a Mixed Age team from Western Australia. « Fun, friendship, team of girls who have got your back, hard work but good learning, nice people, we are all together… that’s synchro skating ! », Ice Synchro

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Team Nova | Junior (SWE)

Team Nova is a junior team from Borås, a city located 60 km from Gothenburg.

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Team Emerald | Junior (SUI)

A Junior team from Basel, Switzerland.

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Minores Aboenses | Novice (FIN)

Minores Aboenses is a novice team from Turku, Finland.

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Team Unique | Senior (FIN)

This team is driven by a team of specialists including Mirjam Penttinen, the main coach.

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