Zagreb Snowflakes will host 31 teams in their city this weekend


Zagreb Snowflakes Senior (CRO). 

The 14th Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy will take place Saturday and Sunday in the Croatian capital. A few hours before the start of the competition, let’s meet the local Senior team.

The international competition is going to begin in your arena, how is your team preparing for this event? 

Zagreb Snowflakes: We are preparing like for any competition. Practicing a lot and that's it! Our team goal is definitely to reach 100 points. It is the last "try out" before the Worlds so I hope we will skate our best. Our team is definitely very special. We have 21 members and each one is crazy and beautiful on their own way. We love to spend time with each other. We push each other when is the hardest and make us feel better when a skater is sad. We are so happy and honored to be part of this team.



Teams are arriving progressively in the city. What is the atmosphere in Zagreb?

Zagreb Snowflakes: We are very excited and we are cheering for our younger teams if we have time to watch them.

What makes this competition so special to you?

Zagreb Snowflakes: This competition is very special to us because it is our home competition and this is a chance for our friends and family to see what we were practice whole season. Synchronized skating is not very popular in Croatia so we are trying to invite as many people as we can to show them how beautiful this sport is and we have to say we are successful at it. 31 teams will participate in this Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy so it will be fun for the audience to watch and for us to compete!

The 14th Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy will start on Saturday at 5 PM with Advanced Novices, Juniors, and Seniors short programs.

Results - TOP 3

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy
Zagreb (CRO)
FEB 17, 2017 - FEB 19, 2017

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Starlets (GER)51.39
2Sport Magic (HUN)49.86
3Black Rose (HUN)44.27

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Berlin Novice (GER)47.44
2Team Soleil (FIN)40.30
3Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO)34.55

TEAM Score
1Starlights (USA)125.48
2Team Convivium (SWE)123.60
3Team Berlin (GER)121.89

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)153.17
2Team Berlin 1 (GER)152.53
3Team Passion (HUN)130.57