The Haydenettes, ready for the California Cup!


The Haydenettes are 27 times U.S. National champions. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

In just two days, the 2019 California Cup will open in Irvine, USA. This competition that counts as a Challenger Series’s stage will host many top teams from around the world. Haydenettes' team captains Sarah and Cameron talk about this event.

Jura Synchro: First of all, how is your team doing after the summer period?
Sarah Checkosky: We are doing very well! We came out of the summer with a great base for our programs, and since then have been focusing on the details to perfect them. Our team is feeling very unified and strong going into the season.

What’s new & different in your team this season?
Sarah: The biggest difference this season is how early we are competing both of our programs. Because of this, we have been training harder than usual at this point in the season, and we are very focused on making sure the programs are technically sound. 

The California Cup is just around the corner… How have you been preparing for this event?
Sarah: We have been training our programs nonstop in order to be best prepared for this event! We have brought in some additional coaches to make sure that our lifts and choreography are at their best, and we have been trying to get as much feedback as possible from judges and coaches.

Has the competition existed for a long time?
Sarah: From my understanding, the Synchronized Fall Classic has been going on for many years, but this is the first time that it will be held in conjunction with the California Cup, which is a part of the Challenger Series. When I skated with Denver Synchronicity, I competed at the Fall Classic in Anaheim back in 2010, so I am excited to go back to California! 

This will be the first time in history that a Challenger Series will be organized and will take place in the U.S.A. What do you think about this?
Cameron Feeley: We are super excited that the first ever Challenger Series competition will be held in California! It is a great opportunity for international teams to be able to compete earlier in the season than in past years.

What are your goals for this competition and, in particular, for the coming season?
Cameron: With California being our first competition of the season, we are looking forward to putting our programs out in front of judges for the first time.
Sarah: In looking at the whole season, our goals are to defend our title as National Champion and to be on the podium at the World Championships.

Will the Haydenettes' programs be as creative as last season with "The Greatest Showman"? (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

Could you speak about your new programs’ themes this season...
Cameron: For our short program we are skating to Celine Dion, and our long program is a medley of 80’s rock music!

At which competitions will the public be able to watch you this season
Cameron: As of now, we are competing at the California Cup, Boston Synchronized Skating Classic, French Cup, and the U.S. Championships.

California Cup: The participating teams
Three of the top synchro nations will be represented this weekend in the Senior division: Les Suprêmes and Nova Senior (CAN), Helsinki Rockettes and Lumineers (FIN), and Skyliners and Haydenettes (USA). The seventh participating team in Senior will be Team Ice Storm from Australia. 

In the Junior field, Skyliners and Starlights will skate for the U.S.A., and Nexxice Junior will represent Canada. Team Mystique from Helsinki (FIN) and Iceskateers Elite from Queensland, Australia will also compete in California this weekend.

Competitions will take place on Friday evening and Saturday in Irvine. 

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Results - TOP 3

California Cup
Irvine, CA (USA)
NOV 06, 2019 - NOV 09, 2019

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)211.57
2Haydenettes (USA)203.60
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)191.58

TEAM Score
1Team Mystique (FIN)185.24
2Skyliners (USA)181.17
3Nexxice (CAN)154.35