Jura Synchro Awards: Hello June!

June is almost here. The ice is melting, but the athletes selected this week are still very active. Discover 5 synchro teams who share their love for synchro on social networks.

Closure of a Belgian rink: "Let them skate"

Team Temptation synchronized skating teams from Belgium are without their ice rink. The stadium, which hosted each year in November the Winter Cup, decided to close "from one day to the other". A shock for the Belgian synchronized skating athletes who are determined to fight.

Jura Synchro Awards: Who are the nominees?

Once again this week, Jura Synchro reviewed social media for the top five posts of synchro teams around the world.

The new season is already in preparation

The 2019-2020 synchro calendar is open. The International Skating Union (ISU) has recently set the dates for the synchronized skating competitions 2019/20. Find out on Jura Synchro the updated calendar. 

Jura Synchro Awards: Find out a synchro illusion

Another week ends in the world of synchronized skating. Let's take the opportunity to have a look on social networks and select the most beautiful posts published in recent days!

Jura Synchro Awards: Summer is coming

Even though summer is coming slowly, synchro teams around the world are still practicing. Between physical training and sessions on the ice, find out with us five teams selected in our categories this week. The ceremony is open!

Australia Hosts World Champion Skaters and Coaches in Synchro Development Camp

Over the Easter weekend Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink hosted some of the top skaters and coaches in the world as part of OneTeamMVMT’s inaugural Australasia Camp, hosted as a joint project by Australia and New Zealand’s figure skating federations, and supported by the ISU Development Commission. World-class coaches and skaters from Finland, Canada, USA and Australia shared their experience and expertise with over 130 attendees from Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

How Finnish are seen by the Russian teams

Finland and Russia are among the best countries in the world for synchronized skating. As this is the end of the season, we wanted to know what thought the Russian athletes of the Finnish teams. 

Synchro Challenger Series: There will be 5 stages!

The ISU recently announced that a Synchronized Skating Challenger Series will be held for the first time in history next season (2019-2020). But what is it exactly? We tell you everything!

Jura Synchro Awards: The sunny days are back

This week, Jura Synchro offers you a spring selection of the best posts found on social media. We still talk about medals, but it is also the season of tryouts in the different teams.

Tryouts? Dresses? Announcement? The Market is now free!

Jura Synchro offers you the possibility to add your advertising in a new special Market especially created for synchro skating. Learn more about this new free feature on your website.

Jura Synchro Awards: Special Helsinki

The weekend was rich in emotions and events. In recent days, we have followed your posts on social networks and we offer you this week five photos "special Helsinki" in connection with the Senior World Championships held on Friday and Saturday in this city!