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    Alex Fitzsimmons

    Despite only having skated competitively for 2 years, I was selected as a member of the MajesticIce Australia Junior Team, the current national champions. As a self-confessed skating nerd, I am always up to date with the latest ISU communications, even going so far as to read the entire ISU Constitution and General Regulations while on holidays. I currently have my Level 0 Coaching Accreditation and am hoping to one day coach a synchro team. While I know it isn't very realistic, I have aspirations to be part of the ISU in some capacity, as I have a fascination with how the sport works from its most fundamental level. I am also currently in my final year of High School and am aiming to study Chemistry and Law at university next year, but always find time for skating in-between the study (even watching the Winter Olympics under my desk during class) as it is easily one of the best parts of my life. 

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    Synchro is a family, it's a community and a promise and a challenge, an amplification of everything that's great about skating because you have people to share it with.  —  Alex Fitzsimmons

News by Alex Fitzsimmons

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    Recent ISU Changes to GoE Scale

    • ISU
    • JUL 13, 2018

    Two years after initially being announced at the 2016 ISU Congress in Croatia, the proposed changes to the Grades of Execution (GoEs) across all Figure Skating disciplines have finally come into effect. The changes expand the GoE scale from -3 to +3 to a larger -5 to +5.