Five events scheduled and a second junior team


Team Snowflakes - Mixed Age - SUI. (Credits: RuPho - 2020)

The synchronized skating competition calendar in Switzerland has been published a few days ago. How this country located in the heart of Europe is preparing the upcoming season? Let's have a look!

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While several national-level synchro teams have resumed training on the ice (paying attention to the hygienic measures), Switzerland announced 5 synchronized skating events for the 2020-2021 season.

Hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, this mountainous Central European country of 8,5 million people was also kept out of the ice rinks for several weeks. "For the teams, it was difficult to study the new programs and to put together a strong team. Nevertheless, Swiss Ice Skating (the national skating federation) thinks that it’s important to plan the new season with all the events and competitions. Although nobody may estimate where the whole corona story will end," says Christine Müller-Mebes, head of the Synchronized Skating commission in Switzerland.

Biasca to open up the Swiss season
The season will begin mid-January in Switzerland with the Biasca Trophy. This well-known competition is making its big comeback in the Swiss calendar. This will be the first interclub competition for the season.

Cancelled last year due to the Challenger Series calendar, the Neuchâtel Trophy will also be organized in 2021. "We had a lot of positive feedbacks on Facebook where we were announcing the Neuchâtel Trophy. The OC has already started its work and had a first meeting. So we are on track and are proud to have this ISU event in Switzerland," Christine Müller-Mebes enthuses.

The Cool Dreams Juniors competing in Neuchâtel. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

After the traditional EVBN Sys Cup on February 6 and the Swisscup on March 6-7 2021 which will serve as Swiss national championships for the Advanced Novices teams, the season will end with the Mixed Age Trophy (March 26-27, 2021 in Basel). The competition had to be cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"The aim of this competition is to give the Mixed Age Teams a platform to present their skills in an international environment. There is a working group with members from Italy, France and Switzerland that was established to support the Mixed Age category by creating the International Mixed Age Trophy. The venues of the competitions are rotating every year between these countries," Christine Müller-Mebes explains.

For the Junior and Senior teams, the Swiss championships will be held during the Neuchâtel Trophy on February 12-13.

"More opportunities in the financial area"
In terms of the development of the discipline in Switzerland, Christine Müller-Mebes highlights several encouraging elements.

The ISU Junior Worlds 2019 organized in Neuchâtel was "a great success. This gave us more opportunities in the financial area. The synchro commission can, therefore, provide financial support to synchro beginners in the coming years. Some projects have already been submitted, but the commission will be happy to support others," she said.

In the recent weeks and months, some Swiss clubs have already started with new Novice Basic and Juvenile teams and a new generation of coaches and managers have arrived in some swiss clubs with long tradition with synchro.

The Cool Dreams are back
In the upcoming season, Switzerland will have one more Junior team competing at the international level.

After a year of absence on the world scene, the Cool Dreams Juniors from Burgdorf was able to reconstitute a team. The young skaters who are practising near Bern will be back with a brand new team and coaching staff.

Competing in the same category as the Zürich's Starlight, the Cool Dreams may become a new important team within the country. The competition is getting tougher in Switzerland, which is good for the future of the sport.